Erin Woelfel

Caroline B
Massage Erin, once again you worked hard to help heal my body in the places that needed it. You have a great personality and make it fun as well.
Empowering and Empathetic Erin brings much more than her diverse and honed skills to the table. She is the real deal and will find a way to help you, and more importantly, show you how to help yourself.
Caroline B
Massage Arm & Shoulder
New muscle stretching technique The oddest massage ever because of the positions required for the lengthening/stretching necessary for the pain is markedly reduced! So happy you learned about this.
Jennifer J
Relief for my husband I love her on line scheduling option, payment option, and clearly listed prices. My husband got a 90 min massage and said she was very professional and thorough. I could see the relief from pain in his eyes. Thank you Erin.
Sunday Workout What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Erin is not only very skilled in her work, she has a passion for helping others feel their best.
B.A. Nicoletti
The best intuitive and skilled treatment ever...every time! Need I say more? Erin is by far the best massage therapist I have ever encountered for this reason, and many other reasons, including breadth, depth and dedication to her craft. She gives it her all, focusing on you and your time with her, every time. Spread the word but schedule ahead because she will be swamped once your friends get to her!
Lorraine M
Full Body Massage Erin, I thoroughly enjoyed my massage on Friday – what a relaxing way to end the week. Your parlor is so warm and inviting and I just melt every time you work your wonder on me. Thank you so much. Of course, I’ll be back for more and will be referring my husband and all my friends to you!
Eric Q
Great Massage This was my first massage and it was wonderful!! Very relaxing and a great experience that I will definitely continue. Thanks Erin
Judy Phares
I was definitely satisfied with my massage session with your expertise. I appreciate your suggestions, on some stretchs, that would be for my benefit and well-being. I look forward to my first Reki session, next month. Thanks!
Lorraine M
Reiki/Raindrop Session Wow - what an amazing experience! I'm a first-time Reiki/Raindrop client and a new believer in these two modalities for stress relief, energy release, and an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. Erin has such a warm and healing touch and demeanor. Thank you for everything. I'll be back soon!!!
susan ross
Fabulous Erin is wonderful!1 She goes over and above what is expected. Takes the time to make sure a "sore spot" is relieved!
Technically accomplished Thanks Erin for helping me with several sports and posture related issues. Your level of skill is obvious.
Magical Hands All those muscles that were tied in knots were found by Erin's magical hands and pressed and smoothed and relieved of all stress. Fantastic hot rock treatment on the spine. I can actually anticipate the aches and pains disappearing and the stiffness melting. Will be back soon!
Soooo awesome! Erin's massage was really amazing! She has a good energy to her and she really worked some muscles that I didn't even realize were causing me pain elsewhere. She is very conscious of the pressure she uses and will go as deep as she can, but will ease off if you need her to.
Andrea B
Life Changing Erin is truly a master at her craft. I have received a handful of massages and haven't even been truly impressed until now. The 90 minutes she spend working out my kinks drastically reduced my chronic pain.
Trauma Touch Therapy I feel so empowered! Yesterday during my Trauma Touch session with Erin, I was able to evoke the most fantastical energy storm I’ve ever seen! I’m only about 7 sessions in with this type of therapy, so I consider myself still "in training", but the sheer power and use I’ve found for this modality is truly amazing to me. I had never heard of Trauma Touch therapy before talking with Erin and I was absolutely skeptical that it would have any effect on me, but I’m all in as of yesterday’s session! I am so grateful to now know that I can open up my own personalized tool box and select the perfect tool to help me release my excess energy in order to keep my personal chi in balance! Tears of joy just keep on flowing! Bless you my Angel!
Sondy W
massage Erin, you are wonderful in the way you work, so professional, respectful caring. Your'e the best! Thank you, again! Sandy White
Jennifer Mitchel
Great massage! I've had many massages and Erin was fantastic! It was my first prenatal massage and the pressure was always right and the whole experience was very relaxing. Highly recommended!
Ann V
Massage/Raindrop therapy Erin is amazing at her craft. She is well worth the time to visit and getting treatments from.
Caroline B
Massage Another wonderful massage by Erin. She knows what she is doing and does it well.
Lynn W
interior designer Wonderful first appointment..thank you, Erin!
Paula A
Excellent This is one of the best massages I've ever had the pressure was perfect the healing Stones warmed my body and gave me security and peace while she continued the rest of my body every part of me felt free and loose. Allow me to advise you that if you're looking for a good masseuse Aaron is one of the best I highly highly recommend her.
Ruth Stirewalt
Equipment Administrator Erin does an amazing job. She worked on my feet yesterday and they feel sooo much better! I have been having so much pain in my feet for many years and am finally getting relief. She is a life saver!
Caroline B
Massage Erin is the greatest one to do your massage. So kind, thoughtful and very good at her job!
diane w
review Erin, i had a wonderful time on Friday and thank you so much. also: no itch in the middle of my back! have a great day.
Macy J
Awesome Thank you so much, Erin. My knee and leg and body are so much better today. Much gratitude, Macy
Maggie H
outstanding a wonderful massage and great overall experience
Caroline B
Massage Spent a wonderful 1 1/2 hrs. with Erin. She knows how to relax your body. Thanks Erin.
Erin has it all! Erin has it all...knowledge, skills, perspective, compassion, and the most wonderful peaceful demeanor! My muscles and nerves melt under her talented touch. She's the best!
Michael F
1st appt. great Thanks for a wonderful experience - very relaxing and soothing.
Helen R
Erin's gifted hands Erin has the magic touch. After each massage session, I feel calm, relaxed, like a new person. Thanks, Erin!
Caroline B
Massage I've had a lot of massages but never fell asleep till today, it shows how relaxed Erin can put you.
David D
lovely Erin did a really nice job. I really enjoyed the T bars which I had never experienced before. You can tell Erin knows all the little muscles by the attention she gives each area with specific techniques. It was a good strong massage in a nice environment and Erin obviously has a lot of good energy.
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Caroline B
Massage Once again Erin performed her magic, she is the greatest!!
roger n
Excellent Shes the best!
Ronnie G
massage Erin is great she is easy to talk to and has great hands and does a supper job well worth the time
Debbie E
Satisfied Both massage and conversation are wonderful. You really get to the point. Looking forward to next visit.
Wonderful! I did something to my neck and shoulder and was in a lot of pain. Erin called promptly and scheduled an appointment that was convenient. During the appointment she took the time to truly listen to my concerns and make a plan of what would help. The massage was thorough and just what I needed. Before I left Erin made sure I knew what stretches to do to continue to address the problem and to try to prevent it from happening again. I was impressed with her professionalism, communication skills and her ability to provide a safe, comfortable environment. Thank you!
Julie M
Deep Tissue Massage That was the most relaxing, gentle deep tissue massage I've ever had. It was lovely!
Caroline B
Massage If you want a loving, caring Massage Therapist, go to Erin, you will not be disappointed.
Caroline B
Massage It just keeps getting better. Erin is great and such a joy to have her working on you!!
Caroline B
Massage It's like getting a little piece of Heaven!
Caroline B
Massage Massage
Caroline B
Massage The best 1 1/2 hrs. I spend in a month. Erin is really good and finds all those places that need help.
Kathryn G
Erin is wicked good! I've been going to Erin monthly the last 3+ years and she has helped me so much with many of back problems - she is a spectacular and extremely knowledgeable about ALL aspects of my health. She is truly one of my primary health providers!
Caroline B
Massaage If you want to forget everything and relax for an hour, go to InnerPeace and let Erin do what she does best!!
Lynn T
Wonderful! Massages with Erin are always unique to me and my needs. She is able to sense my state of mind and to adapt to the issue of the day. I can totally relax and let her take control. I always feel better when I leave that when I did going in! That feeling of release lasts for days. I’m so grateful to have found her!
Debbie E
Thank you My knees feel better now. I can walk up and down the stairs without problems. Hoping it will last till next session.
Lynn T
Great experience Each massage with Erin is wonderful! And different! Each time is designed to address my concerns at the time or to focus on my individual issues. Always feel welcome and heard! And better when I leave!!
Joanne J
Amazing! Erin was absolutely amazing! She listened to my concerns and issues, then was able to work out some back pain that I've had for a few just a few minutes.
Lynn T
Great session Erin really listens to my concerns and adapts to my needs at the time. This is a personalized massage! And I always feel wonderful when I leave.
Roger N
great the best massage I have ever experienced.
Bill Z
AHHH.... Relief.. Once the painful owner of over-taxed rotator and pec muscles.. NOW the gratefully relieved PAIN-FREE old guy who will TRY (yes, I will try, Erin..) NOT to do that again.. For a while, anyway...
Deep tissue massage Erin has the amazing ability to hone in on my problem spots, and work them until they dissolve. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented. On top of that, she is a delightful spirit of light. She's the BEST!!
Caroline B
Massage Once again Erin did a beautiful Massage. She is the best!
In good hands Eric's gentle caring personality bring calm and energy you will take away with you.
Caroline B
Massaage What's this?
Caroline B
Massage Erin never let's me down. Does such a beautiful massage, everyone should go there!
wonderful massage I'm in a "massage club" and after having this massage from Erin, I realize how much more amazing she is! The quality of her massage is incredible, and she is so compassionate and caring. Thank you Erin!
excellent Erin is the absolute best! She is the best massage therapist I have ever used.
Therapeutic Massage I typically don't give reviews. It's just not my jam. However, I felt compelled to give Erin a review. Erin has worked on me several times but it had been 6+ months since seeing her. I tend to carry my stress in my shoulder blade area and have also been experiencing low back pain. Erin took the time to work out the knots in my back and the time she spent on my IT band and psoas was above and beyond. I'm not sure why I stayed away as long as I did because her hands are miracle workers! Erin is fantastic! Call and schedule your appointment today :) You won't regret it.
Sharon G
Feeling so much better! I have been to Erin just 3 times, and in this short time she has helped relieve the pain in my shoulder and neck tremendously. I am also learning a great deal about what I can do nutritionally and with oils to help my overall health. I feel like I have found my perfect fit for a massage therapist!
Another fantastic session Over the weekend I had another great session with Erin. What impresses most is not just the quality of her work which is top notch but that she really goes beyond just massage. We talked a lot about what's going on in my life and with my body and Erin left me with great ideas on how to improve my overall wellness. We've covered everything from allergies to stretching to skin care. Erin is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.
Massage Erin was great & thorough! Enjoyed her refreshing personal manner - she cared about what was going on with me! I'll be back!
Stacey P
Erin is fantastic! Erin has a amazing touch, a soothing demeanor and seriously knows her work inside and out. I couldn't ask for more!
Caroline B
Massage Erin gives an excellent Massage. She is very loving and compassionate about what ails you. Love to go to her.
Caroline B
Massage Everyone should try Erin, she is the best!
Susan L
The best! I've been to many massage therapists over the years, and Erin is the best! She understands the internal workings of the body, so her magic fingers can do their job. Today, I came in with some nagging aches and pains. After one session I have much relief! Erin is not only top-notch in her field, but she is easy to talk to. I can always count on Erin's wisdom, skill, and positive vibes to improve my physical and mental states. Thank you, Erin!
Caroline B
Massage Erin worked wonders in my sore foot today. She gets to all the right places on your body and give such a wonderful massage. Do try her!
Caroline B
Massage Wonderful as usual, she never fails to give her best!
Lisa U
Massage was awesome! Erin did a great job in working out the knots I had in my back. I feel much better now. Thanks Erin.
Caroline B
Massage If you haven't tried Erin, you are missing out on a great massage!
Caroline B
Massaage Once again Erin has come to the rescue. My arm is soooo much better this afternoon. Thanks for all your concern as well as a wonderful Massage.
Lisa U
Awesome Erin really took care of my pinched nerve issue by helping the muscles relax. No more pain.
Fantastic Erin is such wonderful massage therapist. I have chronic pain and she really listened to what I needed and at the end of the session I felt 80% better. I have had hundreds of massages and Erin is heads above the others. Her office is relaxing and serene. She plays wonderful music. Her touch is truly healing. I will be back and recommend to all my friends.
Elena D
Amazing! Erin is amazing. Not only do my muscles feel limber and refreshed but I truly get a deep sense of peace and inner wellness that lasts beyond what any other massage I've gotten produced. I have had two massages with Erin now and am hooked. What a find! I am going to schedule in regular massages with her from here on out and can tell that it will have a huge impact on my life quality and overall wellness.
Paula A
wonderful Peaceful warm relaxing and perfect.
:) Erin was so great at listening and trying to figure out the root of my pain. I love how she explains all the inner muscles and tendons so I understand what's going on. She has magic hands. Thank you Erin! :)
Stu Myhill
Massage Brilliant as always!
Caroline B
Massage As usual, Erin did a wonderful massage today, she is the best!!
Fabulous experience! Erin's knowledge of the muscle mechanics is amazing. She is also aware of providing the experience you want for your massage. She is fantastic!!
Caroline B
Massage Erin is the greatest, she works on all parts that are bothering you as well as your whole body. Go see her!
Theresa H
Massage Fantastic experience!! Amazing results and just an overall wonderful experience!
Caroline B
Massage Dear Erin has done it again. She never fails to give a total and wonderful massage. Get yourself over there quickly!
Caroline B
Massage If some part of your body doesn't feel right, tell Erin and she will try to make it right. She gives her all when she gives a massage.
Mind Body Erin spent extra time sharing information and material to address current and future physical and intellectual concerns. Just thinking about our session brings a glow.
Caroline B
Massage Erin will definitely make you feel better, her massages are great and she had a great big smile. Doesn't get much better!
Fred Husek
Massage Erin is awesome!!!
Theresa H
Powerful Session My session today was very powerful and healing. I have been trying to deal with symptoms on my own and with lots of medications that make me feel worse. Through positive energy, conversation that provided clarity, and hands on work, we made significant progress today. Wonderful session!
Caroline B
Massage Erin did it again, she has a way of finding exactly the right spots that need extra work. You should go see her soon!
Great experience Erin is a great massage therapist. She is very sensitive to her clients' needs and intuitive.
Theresa H
Awesome Another amazing and awesome session with Erin. She is uplifting, positive, and gives the best massages ever!!
Caroline B
Massage Once again Erin's massage is the best part of my day. If you haven't tried her yet, you don't know what you are missing.
Caroline B
Massage You really should take an hour or an hour and a half and treat your body to a massage by Erin. She is the best!!
Kathryn G
Amazing healer Erin has proved to be one of the most comprehensive healers that I've experienced in my 60+years - she's kept my the left side of my body aliened (result of typing for a living for too many years), to her use of essential oils on me, to the numerous emotional issues she has wisely helped me find solutions/tools for. Her healing "space" is incredibly safe and soothes me every time I enter it. I truly can't recommend her work too highly.
Caroline B
Massage How could you not try Erin for a massage, she is the best.
Eric Q
Wonderful Thanks again Erin for great massage! Hope to be back soon!
Susan L
Working out the knots Erin began my journey to healing today with a 90-minute massage. It was more than a jphysical massage. She is massaging my brain at the smae time by asking pertinent questions that may unlock some tensions I am holding in my body. A very perceptive person and very knowledgeable about the intricate play between musle, bone and the mid. Thank you, Erin. I will be back!
Caroline B
Massage Once again Erin gave her all to give me wonderful massage. Just tell her what ails you and she goes after it. Can't say enough about her massages.
Caroline B
Mrs If you want a really good and pleasant massage, go visit Erin. She is an excellent Therapist and fun to be with, always has a smile.
Needs-based relief My massage was based totally on my needs at the time and provided low back and hip relief. Felt very personalized!
Pure awesomeness! Erin, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful 90 minute massage yesterday. What an emotionally draining week I had and it was wonderful to end it with your healing touch!
joan z
Relief from extreme chronic pain Erin's extraordinary skill and knowledge displayed in my first session of deep tissue therapeutic neuromuscular work on my hip and leg has restored my hope and optimism (for the first time in years)of walking without pain, without surgery. She is a compassionate healer and a highly skilled therapist. Thank you, Erin, and thank you, my friend and neighbor who gifted me this session.
lynn t
Right on target Wonderful! The massage was right on target and totally met my needs and addressed my concerns. Erin was very unhurried and caring. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable and cared for. The environment was very comfortable and supportive of the overall desired effects. This massage felt like it was totally tailored to my body and needs!
Mary M
Severe neck pain for a very long time I had one session at Inner Peace, my neck pain is so much better. Something I was convinced I would just have to learn to live with. I finally have hope. Thank ou, Erin!
Greta Lea J
So-o-o-o Satisfying...! I've not had a great many massages in my life; never figured that I needed them. But, at my age of 84 and with arthritis which threatens my active style of concerts, gardening, entertaining, performing and keeping up with my traveling husband, I have thoroughly enjoyed my times with Erin. The ambiance is restful from the moment one walks in her door. And the rest I leave to her. I tell her where I hurt or where I'm stiff and she's so good to quietly go about touching lightly or rubbing or even stretching gently in the ailing areas. Plus.! She gives me suggestions on exercises to increase my agility between sessions as well as reminding me of foods which will aid and abet the success of our work together. Always a happy ending.!
Lynn T
So responsive Erin is so responsive to my needs and to my concerns. I feel totally cared for and the effects of the massage are so efficacious and so relieving. Erin is the best!
k gray
Spectacular Excellent body work by Erin. She even rubbed my ears!
Susannah P
Super Relaxing... Just had a great massage! I would recommend Inner Peace for sure. The massage room is lovely and Erin did a wonderful job balancing my wishes for a relaxing and restorative massage. I think I fell asleep! Signed, Blissed Out
talented therapist erin is a very talented therapist and if you think you have something that can only be corrected with surgery think again! give her a chance to work her magic- better than an invasive surgery- a delight to work with
Kathryn G
The best I've ever experienced! Erin has been an absolute magician helping me with my back/neck problems resulting from having typed for a living for too many years & the problem flares up now with stress! I've received a lot of different kinds of massages/body work over my 6 decades and Erin is the VERY best I've ever experienced!
Kym B
Very Healing Erin always takes the time to find out what is going on with me before we start. And I always leave with a ton of new knowledge. The massages are perfect each time. Highly recommended!
Karen K
What a Fabulous Experience! Erin is delightful and knowledgeable in so many mind, body and health areas. A lovely massage and I felt so much better when I left. Erin even took the time to provide me with some quick, easy stretch exercises. I will definitely go back
Beatrice N
Will travel any distance for a treatment with Erin! Erin is simply THE best, most attentive, knowledgeable and intuitive massage therapist I have ever known. She gives all of herself to your treatment and invariably creates a process of long lasting healing.
great great massage yup I'm excited about the new hours I love my massage looking too many more